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Thread: ipod?

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    i downloaded and installed the Hipo iPod management tool, and it will not pick up my ipod touch. i have a 2nd generation iPod. do i need drivers? and if so, how do i get them? i have debian lenny 5.0.4

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    Well, I don't own any apple products (and never will), so I can't offer specific advice. But in general, Apple makes it very difficult to do this. Some ipods work (though Apple keeps changing things up in newer releases, breaking linux support), but I think iphones are not yet supported.

    Rumor has it, the upcoming Ubuntu 10.04 has iphone support. (Until the next time Apple breaks it.)
    Ubuntu 10.04 supports iPhone and iPod Touch out-of-the-box

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    You can try installing GTK-pod from your system repos but I am not too sure if it will work or not. Trying shouldn't hurt.

    gtkpod - a GUI for Apple's iPod using GTK2
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    i have tried gtkpod, banshee, and hipo. there are a few more i could try, but in the mean time does anyone know of a way to get this thing to work? i could always dual-boot windows xp but that would be a waste of disk space.

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    i also could do as reed9 said and install the ubuntu 10.04 on my computer, but i would have to install the beta version, which might be my only option

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    I found more info. Support for the iphone is provided by a new library called libimobiledevice. It is available is Debian Unstable. You could try building it from source in Lenny, but it probably won't build. You would also presumably have to build newer versions of programs like gtkpod that have support for libimobiledevices.

    A taste of iPhone support coming in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx | Blog |

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    it might be worth a shot. i just installed Amarok and it wants me to configure my device and then give it a pre-connect and post-connect command. could this read my ipod?
    EDIT: when i plug in my ipod, my computer reads it as a camera

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