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    You must to know what hardware you are using, VGA card.
    Then you need to check the correct VGA driver was installed,
    check the /etc/xorg.conf to find out which Device driver name was used and which resolution was used.
    If still cannot change the resolution, go to check the log file in /var/log/Xorg.log for errors.

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    It might be worth trying logging in where you can, outside X. Then become root:
    <root password>
    then Reconfigure xorg.conf with:
    dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg
    Personally doubt if it's a problem with the home directory. I have had this problem, of being able to log in at the black screen but not in KDE think it was.

    Unfortunately forgotten what did it. Vaguely recall it was that I could log in from the login shell but not the bash shell. The solution is not that difficult but have forgotten it.

    You might try: Does the X log in screen appear when you reboot the computer, or does it go to the black screen first? If the latter get the kde display manager /etc/init.d/kdm working. Then maybe you'll be logging into KDE, if you are using Gnome it's /etc/init.d/gdm, from a login shell. God knows.

    So, in brief, suggest you can log in from a log in shell but not a bash shell.

    Edit: Just thought of a way to check this. Log in; then
    su <my username>
    <my password>
    If it won't do it then that's your problem. I.e. log in by giving your username and password in the normal way. Then do it again by doing
    su <my username>
    <my password>
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