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    create 3 new users, each with full access to a shared direct

    i want to create 3 new users, each with full access to a shared directory as well as their own home directory. Only these 3 users should have access to the shared directory. how do i do this . i have very limited knowlege of linux.

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    The easiest way is to first create a group for the new users. You can do that so you don't need to set the directory to be owned by all three users. You add a group with the command:
    groupadd [groupname]
    Then you will have to crete three new users. I recommend if you don't know how to add users you can read about it in 'man useradd', remember to use the "-g" and assign it to the name of the group you created.

    Then you will have to set up the directory. To create a directory use the command:
    mkdir [dirname]
    To set the owner-group of the dir:
    chown :[groupname] [dirname]
    You might also need to set group write-permissions to the folder. Use this command to set read-write permissions for the members in the group:
    chmod g=rw [dirname]

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