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    Setting up search and mount local samba shares

    I do know how to set up the traditional Window shares by modifying fstab and mkdir /mnt/share. What I was wondering in this day of laptops, if there was a script that could find and mount Window shares that were hooked into your local network, but only on a temporary bases. Something like what you would do mount a usb connection, such as a camera that you had the drivers for. I do know that networks are more complex, was just interested if something like that was developed yet.
    Just to let you know that my scripting skills are zero, and my ability to do so less.
    Many thanks.

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    Nautilus (file browser) can browse the network for Windows shares and lets you click into them, authenticating as you go. That's pretty much analogous to how a mount of USB mass storage works.

    You don't say anything about what distro you're running or what desktop manager (Gnome, KDE, etc), so hard to say much more.

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