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    [SOLVED] my folder in /tmp keeps dissappearing


    I thought to keep my Lenny nice and clean, I'll create a separate partition for /tmp
    In which I created a folder for my downloads and temporary files.
    Files that usually I keep for a short period of time, then delete them.

    Only I got this problem:
    Every time I restart the pc, that folder is gone.

    How do I make it stay there after rebooting?


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    The /tmp folder is kind of a reserved directory for the system. Anybody may write to it, but it is cleared by the system on reboot, as intended by the inventor. So you should create the folder somewhere else if you wish to save it over reboots.

    That said, you can probably locate the command emptying the directory somewhere in the startup-scripts in /etc/rc.S.
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    Most modern distros implement /tmp as a ramdisk (tmpfs), which is why it disappears. If you feel brave, you could edit the relevant line in /etc/fstab so that an actual disk partition gets mounted there.
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