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    teach me about USB, RS232 and QDevelop, please


    I have been using Debian for more than 3 years now. But I never went away from XP.
    I have Debian as host and XP as guest in VirtualBox.

    This is because at my work (where the machine is) I NEED to connect all sort of electronic devices to the RS232 port and USB.
    I am an electronic engineer and I need them for testing.

    I've never learned how to use rs232 and usb in Debian.

    Can anybody help me?
    I want to get rid of XP for good.

    For example:
    We have a programmer PM3 for programming PICs.
    You connect this to the pc via USB or RS232.
    Right now, I am using this programmer with this machine, but not using Debian. I'm using it through the XP in VirtualBox.
    So, the programmer is recognized properly by the Debian, and it transfers the connection to the XP in VirtualBox.
    And so, everything works perfect.
    Now I installed MPLAB (the programming software), in wine, so I won't use VirtualBox anymore (as it takes a lot of cpu power, and this is an old machine).

    Another example:
    I have connected to the machine a USB to RS232 converter.
    Again the device is properly detected by Debian who transfers it to the XP in VirtualBox.
    And I am using it through XP with no problems.
    How do I use it from Debian?

    And the last example is:
    Sometimes, when we develop new electronic devices, there is no software for them yet.
    But I have the knoledge (I am not a programmer), to create a small application software in Visual Basic 6 and/or Visual Studio 2008, to connect to these (again via usb / rs232) and see if the devices are working properly.
    So my question now is: which program can I use to replace VB6 and VS2008?
    So I can create applications in Debian.
    I started learning QDevelop, but I couldn't find anything about the RS232.


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    A quick search in google for "debian rs232" provide many excellent results.

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    Maybe I did not make myself clear.

    MPLAB program gives me the option to connect to the PC via:
    Very easy to do in XP, as all RS232 ports are COMx ports.
    But Debian RS232 ports are ttyS0, ttyS1...

    Even if I select COM port 1, and the phisical connection is on that port, I can't communicate through Debian; but if I start XP in virtualbox, using the same port and connection everything is OK.

    And the other question was about writing my own programs.
    For example in Visual Basic 6, if I want to send a command to a device attached to the RS232 port1, I would write this command:
    MSComm1.Output = Chr$(2) + data + Chr$(3)
    How do I send the same command from a Linux application?


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