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    Linux Mint 9 Isadora Live-Dvd 32-bit will not boot on MSI ex705x


    I've bought this laptop a while ago basically because it had a keyboard equiped with a numpad which makes my work a lot easier , but I never really imagined that when the vendor said it's Windows Vista recommended the ONLY operating system that an average computer user can install is Windows Vista. Long story short, I believe I've tried every other Linux distribution out there...all will crash during the loading screen of the setup. I've managed to install linux mint 9 from within windows but it also crashes when I try to boot.

    I really have no idea why this keeps happening. Just name any of the laptop's hardware details you need and I will provide them. Many thanks!

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    Have you tried LinuxMint-9-LXDE? If not, you may wish to download it and burn it at no more than 8X (to ensure no errors), checking the provided md5sum after downlad and before burning. Linux Mint 9 "Isadora" - LXDE CD (32-bit) - Linux MintThen --

    Try cloning your working Windows partitions (Clonezilla is good for this Clonezilla-live download to an external storage devicebefore wiping your hard drive with zeros for a clean install of Mint.

    Wipe the hard drive using System Rescue CD (I recommend 1.3.5) Browse SystemRescueCd Files on using either the program dban or, after booting systemrescue, typing the command
    PHP Code:
    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=4096 conv=notrunc,sync 
    at the prompt.

    After it finishes, just type "startx" at the prompt and, when the yellow terminal appears, type in it "gparted" to begin partitioning. You know how to do this, right?

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    I have already back-uped my data to an external drive, so the next step is downloading that particular version if linux mint. what's md5sum?

    i'm downloading system rescue CD as I write. I f I understand correctly, I need to burn it to a CD and type the command line you've written there after I boot it. The only partitioning I've ever did to a hard drive outside the operating system is the one in the windows xp setup, which is pretty straight-forward. Something similar to that happens after I type gparted?

    From what you write I assume you believe that the reason no other operating system will work has to do with the way the hardware's been configured (I'm not really good at this part ) but doing the above will erase these "factory default" settings that keep it from runing anything else except vista (xp won't work either for that matter, if I recall, it says it cannot find the hard drive)?

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