I have a problem that my linux support can not solve
In practice, as indicated in the title I have 2 printers on the network (not in series, in two different offices) where if one stops, even for out of paper or a lot of jobs in the queue the other crashes too.
In your opinion, how is it possible?
Since I am not an expert in linux geek but only from the windows world I give you some info that I think are important, but ask me:
OS Version: Debian GNU / Linux 3.1 \n \l

in the file etc / printcap printer settings are:
lp1: tc =. network-printer
cun10: tc =. network-printer

file in the etc / hosts its settings are: cun10.domain.it cun10 cun12.domain.it cun12 lp1

precise network printer I have thirty and I have similar problems. The processes by restarting the lprng so I guess you find it useful.

Thank you very much