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    Increasing disk space

    The root partition in one of my boxes is only 10 gigs or so. The boot partition is to the start of the disk and there is an ntfs partition to the end (so the ext3 partition for root and a swap partition of around 4 gigs comes in between).

    Is there a way for me to re-size the ext3 partition? (without any data loss)

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    Boot from any Debian-based Live-CD, make sure ntfs-progs is installed and try it with gparted.
    When rebooting Windows it will moan a bit, run a fsck like it proposes and that should work.

    10 Gigs for root should be enough. Sure: usually and on a Desktop-PC at home.
    Not sure why you think that ain't enough.

    What you might also do is cut off a bit of space from ntfs, create a new ext3-partition and edit /etc/fstab to mount /usr on that new partition. A bit more of fiddling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archeleus View Post
    Is there a way for me to re-size the ext3 partition? (without any data loss)
    I too generally use gparted for any partitioning chores and running it from a liveCD such as Parted Magic is my favored way of doing that. Gparted can easily shrink and move your current partitions, then expand the current root partition as needed. 10GB seems like more than enough space for /root to me, as well, unless you have some special needs or requirements.

    As for losing data, you shouldn't lose any, but it's always smart to have a backup on hand anytime that you will be manipulating partitions.

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    Since the other partition doesn't actually have windows on it, I'm not too worried about using gparted from a boot disk but I'd rather just create another 20 gig partition and mount it.

    And yeah I thought that this box in concern wouldn't be used much but ended up installing lots of external libraries and stuff on it.

    Thanks for the suggestions.


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