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    Partitioning for 2 Linux OS's

    Q: How to set a Dual boot for 2 linux OS's on a 80GB HD? I have 5 Lenny 5.0.5 DVD's and that is currently installed. No data on current setup needs to be saved. So a reinstall is not a problem. Would like to set up as follows: 1st OS permanent Lenny 5.05 (about 50 GB). 2nd OS space (about 30mg) is (testing) or playing with CD/DVD's of the month. My background: I did S/W development on the HPUX about 100 yrs. ago, so I can just get around the command line. TIA John at The Villages FL

    CORRECTION!! 80GB vs mg /sorry
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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    If you currently have a single partition on the hard disk, you should be able to shrink that partition down to make room for the other system(s). Each distribution will need its own root partition and you can have the /home directory for each distro included within each of those root partitions if you wish, or you can have separate /home partitions for each distro, but doing so takes some advance planning. You can share a common SWAP partition between all distros. You'll need to edit your bootloader config file and fstab files accordingly after your changes to the partition table so that all distros boot properly.

    Gparted is a good app for your partitioning chores if you want to try it, and my own favorite way of running that is from the Parted Magic LiveCD.

    Maybe some of the others here will chime in with more tips for you.

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    Hello and Welcome.
    Are you sure it's an 80mg? Is that 80 Megabytes? Did you mean 80 Gigabytes?
    Can you boot up any LiveCD and post the output of this command in a terminal window, please? The Link Ozar provided for parted magic would work very well for this job.
    fdisk -l
    That's a lowercase L, not a 1.
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    Problem Unresolved

    Regarding the partitioning, I am working with a non-local LUG in Orlando. John

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