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    [SOLVED] Hard disk issues

    Hello everyone:

    I need some serious help; here is my situation.

    I have a single PC that has two hard disks in it. One is 250GB running Debian linux; the other 1TB running windows. I was switching between the two by going to the BIOS and changing the order of the hard disks to boot from. Both lived happily together in peaceful co-existance. Until....

    Lately, I haven't been using Linux, so I decided to convert the 250GB to windows. So I put in the windows install CD, and it all started working fine, but when it came down to setting up a partition, Windows only recognized 130GB (out of the 250GB). I got confused so I decided to re-install linux. Linux recognizes the full 250GB; it recognized that there is a second hard disk running a different OS so the grub gave the option to boot from windows. So after a couple of reboots from both drives I decided to go ahead and install windows on the 250GB. Well again, windows only recognized 130GB, but this time, windows showed me another hard disk again with 130GB capacity. Apparently I stupid enough to proceed so now both hard disks - the 250GB and the 1TB - have capacity of 130GB each. And this is where I'm stuck.

    I have tried fdisk, I have tried debug, but for some reason, windows can only recognize 130GB out of the entire disks; linux on the other hand recognizes the full capacity. I also used the seagate disk diagnostic tool (seatools for MS DOS) and it found no errors on either hard disk.

    How can I reclaim the full capacity under windows?

    I'm not command line nor linux savvy, so I would appreaciate a more detailed rendition of what I need to do.
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    I don't know, unless your Windows installer is very old.
    I thought it was pretty good at recognizing big disks,
    but an old XP install disk might have a limit.

    Windows XP Hard Drive Size Limit - Please help me - Hard-Disks - Storage

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    I don't think the windows installer is an issue although it's very similar to the one described in your link. The 1TB hard drive was running XP and it didn't have problems with it.

    What's different on my machine is that in Disk management I only see the 130GB space; there is no indication that there is more to it and I can't avail from it even as a separate partition/logcial drive. It's like the remainder of the drive has vanished.

    It's the same thing with the fdisk command when I boot from Floppy - it only goes to 130GB.

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    Does your XP disk contain at lest SP1 , if not you do have a limit around 130g.

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    After reading the thread provided by rcgreen, I decided to experiment and load all service packs. Voila - the remainder of the hard disk appeared. Then I used partition magic to combine the two partitions; formatted the partition and installed again. This time windows installer recognized the full 250GB hard disk.

    On the other hand, if you use windows installer to create partition, then it's only recognizing 130GB. Oh well, at least I found a solution.

    Thanks a lot!! As Sherlock Holmes would say - case closed

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