When I searched for Linux Mint yesterday the site I found said it used an XFCE base. I just did another search and it looks like the XFCE version is just one sub-version of it. I don't know why the search gave me different results today but it does look like mints main package is indeed gnome based. However, I'm kind of liking BackTrack right now and it's KDE base seems to be running fairly quick (must be some minute difference between Ubuntu using KDE and BackTrack using KDE). I'm not really too familiar with KDE as a whole but, it seems there are quite a few versions of it and this is a lot more efficient.

As far as Puppy goes (and this I did mention before) it lacks a lot of the tools needed to meet my needs. I tried 'Debianizing' it so it could compile some gnome based tools (I've had no issues in the past doing this to make a KDE use nautilus and synaptic which I prefer over Konqueor and whatever KDE package manager is). Puppy is light weight and it does run completely in RAM but, if I can't even install the programs I want to use there's really no point. I'd rather forfeit GDE and RAM loading if it means getting the programs I want to work to work.