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    Compiling ffado-svn into package?

    Hello. Let me preface this by saying that while I am new to debian, I am not new to Linux. I have some experience with Ubuntu (pretty basic though) and quite a bit of experience with Arch, along with dabbling in many other distros.

    I recently bought an audio interface ( Echo Audiofire 8 ) and am trying to get it to work fully in an already working debian (I believe squeeze?) environment. The thing is, it works with the ffado package in the experimental package repository, but not with the higher sample rates (>48000Hz). This is a known issue with ffado that is fixed by the newer svn versions of ffado. As such, I clearly need to build a newer ffado package and install it in the already working debian system.

    My questions is this: is there an easy way for me to download and build a more recent svn version of all the ffado packages into packages I can install via the package manager? This seems like a logical solution to my problem. Google has failed me thus far, seems like everyone just assumes you know how to use svn, which I don't.

    Thanks for your time!

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    ok maybe i should restate my question... is there some way for me to basically rebuild the ffado packages using the newer svn source along with all build files provided by the experimental repository? I've been trying all afternoon, and I cant figure out where to put the source folder/file in my build directory.

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