Hello All,

I am new to the Linux on hard drive scene (used it on Virtual Box for a few years with the idiot proof set up) and have been trying to create a media server/ old school programming developing computer (FORTRAN and maybe some C++).

With this, I am using Back Track Linux (BT4.2) because I am a security nut, which I know doesn't really make sense. (Was going to go with PC BSD but that did not go over well)

To start, I am trying to place two OSes on the SSD BT4.2 w/ internet access and MythTV and Windows Vista w/o internet (to run bluray's easily while I wait for something to happen in the open source field because I don't have a Windows 7 license lying around).

My main problem is that I really have been unable to find some ground rules that are specific to people that have both SSDs and HDDs and want to use to SSD as a OS only component. I have heard that it is hard to place your programs on another drive unlike 'pathing' in Windows, but would like to hear y'alls opinions and how you all would divide things up.

AMD Phenom II 6-core 3.2 Ghz
16 Gigs Memory
120 Gbs OCZ SSD Agility 2
150 Gbs Samsung? 10000 rpm
2 Tbs Western Digital 7200 rpm (I think)
GeForce GTS 450
LG Bluray player

Thanks for y'alls time.