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    Server setup advice needed

    Hi everyone!, just signed up

    After looking around for a Linux server distro for over a week I choose
    Debian, I would like to set up a home server Aphache, Mysql, Mysql admin,
    Php5, Proftp, I am learning php, I am a newbee when it comes to setting up
    a linux server, but have some experience as a server admin. and feel
    comfortable working from Putty.

    I have downloaded the small cd version around 180 meg from the
    Debian website and the xampp-linux-1.7.4.tar package from another
    website, is this my best way to go? is it about all I need? I also want to
    introduce my 11 yr old to Lunix so I would probably need a gui as well
    what would be the best one for him to use?

    any advice would be very helpful, I have not started yet. our computer is a
    p3-1000, CUSL-2 board, with 256 meg, I built over ten years ago, right
    now it has win98 on it, still surfs the web and checks email not too bad. I
    did try Ubunto but that wouldn't even install with my hardware. might
    have been the 256 meg or something.


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    First and foremost, Debian should have no problem running on that machine. I still have a Debian box that runs on a 400 Mhz AMD K6-2, and gets along just fine. Addtionally, I think you are asking for a lot of info for a forum. I would recommend looking at a walk through, such as this:

    Take a look at, come up with a plan, then get back to us with any other questions you may have. Welcome to LF and I look forward to helping you along the way.


    KaBar's Edge

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    Your small amount of RAM is gonna make using the GUI for all but basic tasks a pain.
    You can use a lightweight window manager like blackbox or fluxbox to help that, but those window managers aren't as user friendly as gnome or kde so an 11 year old might have problems using it.
    Find a place to get some cheap SDRAM and try to get a 1GB or a couple 512 sticks.
    Won't be expensive at all and it'll help out enormously.
    Barring those 2 options you could use an older version of debian.

    Regardless, the "net-install" image is your best bet.
    Not too sure which one you said you got, the business card CD image is what it sounds like but I thought those were even smaller than 180MB.
    Debian 6 wouldn't install on an old system I have which has slightly higher specs than the one you're working with.
    I had to install Deb5 and then do "dist-upgrade".
    Worked out great but KDE4 is a bit sluggish on it.
    Gnome, not so much though.
    Good luck.

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    kabars_edge, Yes this type how too, is exactly what I was looking for,

    glaston, I have 512 now, worst case I would have just dropped the gui
    until I got an additional 256, I'll get back as soon as I finish the install next
    couple of days. at most.

    Thanks so much

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