Hello, my name is Greg Warner. I'm starting a new company that produces PC games. It's located at www.REMOVED.com. The problem I have is this: I'm hosting the site on a Debian server. I never was able to get the mail server running because I don't understand them and I don't understand MySQL, IMAP and all that stuff. So I got a free demo of CommuniGate Pro, which I hate. First of all, the free demo puts some extra text on all messages, outgoing and incoming, so some mail servers like yahoo think my messages are spam. And besides, I'd much rather set up my own mail server from scratch 'cuz that's the right way to do it. The problem is I don't know how and I can't make much sense of any of the online tutorials because none of them seem to work. I stumbled my way through learning apache and ftp and telnet servers. If there is anybody interested in spending some time to help me learn how to do it, or if you can point me at a *very* good tutorial, or if you are by any chance wanting to join my company and help me by setting up the server and managing it yourself, by all means, email me with whatever you've got. The only thing I can say right now is if you are wanting to be the mail manager for my site, I can't pay you right now because we aren't selling anything yet. If you want to volunteer your time and hold on for a little while, I may be able to pay you for your services. However, if that's too much to ask, all I ask is somebody explain to me in a simple way how email servers work and how to put one together for myself. I would be greatly appreciative for any help whatsoever. Thanks!