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Thread: LILO question

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    LILO question

    When I boot the machine I get the LILO selector screen (for lack of a more accurate name)I've just set up my system to dual boot XP and Linux (Knoppix 3.6 HD install). I used partition magic to re-size my primary HD partition and then create a new one for the linux install. I also have a second HD that is FAT32 (used for data files). So I've got 2 HD with 3 partitions (1 for XP OS, 1 for Linux OS, and 1 for data files.

    When I boot the machine I get the LILO selector screen (for lack of a more accurate name) I get 5 selections:

    Linux (2.4)-1
    Linux (2.6)-2
    Windows - hda1
    Windows - hdb1

    I am assuming that items 2 and 3 indicate different kernels that where loaded at install (default install, so it could have put 143 kernels in there and I'd have been none the wiser). Items 4 and 5 are my Windows partitions. I boot from hda1, and I'm assuming its giving me the hdb1 option becuase LILO sees a FAT32 file system there.

    I've been booting from item #1 when I want to use Linux and item #4 when M$ is needed. I've tried booting from all 3 Linux items and all three seem to boot fine. Can anyone tell me the difference, or why they are there.

    Is there a benefit to using a more recent kernel version that I would notice as a n00b? Is there a safe way to clean up this boot menu? My wife and daughter use the system as well, and the easier it is for them, the better it is for me.


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    all of your assumptions are correct.

    If I were you, I'd use the latest kernel. This should give you the advantage of making full use of all of the whizzie bits within your processor (the older kernels will still work fine, but were written before some of the clever things in modern processors were available). You may also find that certain of the newer bits of software around demand 2.6 kernels.

    As to the boot loader menu, it's in a text file called /etc/lilo.conf .
    First create a boot diskette and check that it works (ie. you can boot your PC with it and end up with Linux).

    All that you need to do is (create a backup version first) use your favorite editor (as the super user [aka "su -" , yes the "-" is meant to be there) and edit it. Then to get your newly ediited config you have to run (again as superuser/root) the command lilo (you may need to put its full path name in front of it).

    Then reboot.

    Check out the info and man pages for lilo (ie. enter man lilo in a terminal window.

    have fun


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