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    KDE environment PATH

    Hi i've configured my shell to export a PATH including java, and if i log in from console, typing "set" i can see PATH i configured is correct (and also java works).
    To set my shell i created a ~/.profile file and added those lines:

    export PATH

    Then, if i try to open a shell from KDE, PATH variable is different from the one i have logging in from the console (and without java).
    I want to be able to set the same PATH also when opening a kconsole or a shell from KDE.
    What can i do?
    I'm running Debian Sarge and KDE3.2

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    try putting
    set PATH=$PATH:/javadir
    export PATH
    in /home/yourname/.bashrc

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    try putting
    set PATH=$PATH:/javadir
    export PATH
    in /home/yourname/.bashrc
    tried putting that lines into .bashrc, but kde continues not viewing the correct PATH :
    i launched eclipse binary from konqueror and it tells JRE is required, even if i can launch eclipse from a kconsole, because into the shell PATH is correct.
    could you help me?

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    hi, just ran into the exact same problem. I thought that if the KDE environment variables are different, it is certainly because there is a conf file somewhere that overrides the default system wide settings.

    and I found it after reading the PATH HOWTO: you need to edit the conf file to your display manager. If you use gdm as i do, it is /etc/gdm/gdm.conf. Open it as root in the editor of your choice and add the path to your java bin folder into the DefaultPath statement. (mine is /usr/local/jre1.5.0/bin, but yours may be different). It should work like this, however, I havent had the time to try it out.

    hope that helps.

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