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Thread: Xbox xebian

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    Xbox xebian

    Hi !
    I just installed Xebian 1.1.4 (its old)on my new to linux.
    There is a very old version of firefox on this distro that only can display primitive sites like google ect.
    Isnt there a way to get a more updated browser on this ditribution ?

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    Xebian is just Debian with a tweaked interface to look good on an Xbox. It uses the standard Debian sources to update packages. I have no idea what version of Firefox is in the sources for Xebian (what version of Debian is it based on?).

    If you want the latest Firefox, you'll probably have to do it manually. As it is Debian underneath, I'm sure there are guides aplenty on the net that can help you in doing that.

    In short though, you just need to something like this, in a terminal:
    tar jxf firefox-8.0.1.tar.bz2
    sudo mkdir -p /opt
    sudo mv ./firefox /opt/
    sudo ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/local/bin/firefox
    Then you'd run firefox like:
    There are other things you can do to integrate the new version of Firefox onto your system (update shortcuts, reinstall plugins, etc.).

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