My debian server can pxe boot and build debian OS. (i'm using hdcp3-server and tftpd-hpa)

However, when googling for a solution to configure the debian server so that i can pxe windows and solaris client servers (i know solaris jumpstart can do that however I'd try to get Debian to do what solaris jumpstart can), I can't find any relevant guide.
Wondering anyone has experience, guide or tool to use Debian as pxe boot server for Solaris (or even windows) client?

Any help/suggestion would be appreciated!

Below is my current setup in my tftp root directory

# tree /var/lib/tftpboot/
|-- boot.txt
|-- debian
| `-- etch
| `-- i386
| |-- initrd.gz
| `-- linux
|-- pxelinux.0
`-- pxelinux.cfg
`-- default

4 directories, 5 files

initrd.gz, linux, pxelinux.0 are from Debian squeeze repository.
Content of boot.text is shown as below:

- Boot Menu -



content of /var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default

DISPLAY boot.txt

DEFAULT squeeze_i386_install

LABEL squeeze_i386_install
kernel debian/squeeze/i386/linux
append vga=normal initrd=debian/squeeze/i386/initrd.gz --

LABEL squeeze_i386_expert
kernel debian/squeeze/i386/linux
append priority=low vga=normal initrd=debian/squeeze/i386/initrd.gz --

LABEL squeeze_i386_rescue
kernel debian/squeeze/i386/linux
append vga=normal initrd=debian/squeeze/i386/initrd.gz rescue/enable=true --

LABEL solaris_10
kernel ????????
append ???? --

I guess I need the right kernel file etc...

Appreciate your input!