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    Question Failure to decompress kernel during cold boot

    Hello all,

    I've been having this problem above for all installed kernels after switching to a new motherboard. I have two drives, a solid state and a standard platter. Sid on the SSD, Windows 7 on the platter.

    On cold boot, I get this message: "Compressed data violation --System Halted." Then I simply restart and the problem goes away. I was thinking maybe this had something to do with the disk not being initialized properly before the initramfs attempted to load the kernel, but If that were the case then how could the initramfs have loaded in the first place? Also, I think the problem occurs when the initramfs attempts to read and decompress the kernel, and then fails on some checksumming operation. Another reason why I think the problem is with the initramfs is because nothing sows up in the logs (that I could find) because the root filesystem doesn't have a chance to get mounted yet.

    Also, I went in this morning and switched the drive detect timeout from 0 to 5 seconds, but I haven't tested this to see if it fixes the problem. Any ideas? Any way I can get logs from the initramfs to help determine the problem?

    Will post additional diagnostics on request.


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    Sounds like a drive firmware problem to me. I think that your system is trying to boot too quickly, before the drive firmware has properly initialized. Contact the drive manufacturer about this.
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