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    Moving /home proper way to copy files over

    Hi, I need to change the location of the /home to a new drive/partition. I have partitioned, mkfs and mounted the new drive to /mnt.

    My question is what is the correct command to copy from /home to the new home /mnt?

    do I use cp with switches to catch hidden/links etc or use a variant for find command piped to a copy type utility?

    obviously, vp -R /home/* /mnt will not do the job.


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    A lot of people do this sort of thing with cpio. cpio is similar to tar but it has a "copy-pass" mode in which no archive is actually created. Instead files pass through cpio to their new location with ownership and permissions intact. Have a look at the cpio man page for details.
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    rsync also works well for that purpose, and can be re-run efficiently if need be.

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