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    Squeeze: problem after installation on laptop


    I've installed Debian Squeeze on my Acer Aspire 5536G and discovered
    some functions doesn't work correctly.

    Here's a list of non-working things:
    1. Fn + arrow Up (to make sound louder)
    2. Fn + arrow Down (to make sound quieter)
    3. Fn + F8 (mute)

    * now I can only change sound level in alsamixer.

    Another Fn + [...] functions work normally.

    Package 'acpi-support' is installed.

    Please, help me to decide this problem.


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    Fn keys on laptops usually work with certain clearly labelled keys to do certain hardcoded functions. Any other Fn key combinations are controlled by the OS - or vendor specific software (hotkey programs). If you want to bind these keys to perform other functions then it's possible and there may be an easy way to set this up through the control panel for the DE (gnome/KDE/XFCE/etc) you're running. If you just want volume controls then there are plenty of volume control applets you can install.

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    i had no idea the decision was so easy
    thanks a lot

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