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    Question Grub installation fails


    I am trying for BMR backup ..

    I get the backup process done.. ( i.e mbr.img and cretaing tar of '/')

    During the recovery process.. the after untar process , i am done with the mounting of proc and dev.. But in the final stage of grub-install /dev/sda i am getting the error as

    /usr/sbin/grub-setup : warn : Attempting to install GRUB to a disk with multiple partition labels or both partition label and file system. this is not supported yet.

    /usr/sbin/grub-setup : warn : Embedding is not possible . GRUB can only be installed only in this setup by using blocklists.Howerver blocklists are UNRELIABLE and their use is discouraged.

    /usr/sbin/grub-setup : error : will not proceed with blocklists.

    How can i install grub now... Please help me out ..

    Thanks in advance


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    Have you considered using "grub4dos" ?
    Check the documentation and website.
    Very much like "grub" but will handle mult HD and mult Partitions
    and will do an auto scan for OS to build the menu.lst.
    grub4dos is an improvement on old grub.

    I boot grub4dos on a pendrive,
    then re-boot into
    (1) Puppy Linux on pendrive,
    (2) M$ XP on HardDrive,
    (3) Puppy Linux on HardDrive.

    Have used grub4dos on one computer, on a single HardDrive
    to boot 10 different Linux OS in 10 different partitions.

    Puppy Linux 5.25 has a good grub4dos installer with several options,
    very user friendly, and will run from the Live-CD.

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    proc,dev,sys are to mounted during grub recovery....
    so mount sys also and try again

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