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    Query regarding core dump file in linux

    Hi All,

    We know that core dump files are generated when a process crashes.
    I want to know that if we ourselves create dump files when a process is healthy and running and save it in some location , then can we start the process again from the point when the dump file was created by using the information in the dump file ?

    And what all information is actually saved in the dump file regarding the process ??

    Any help is greatly appreciated..Thanks

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    Hmmm... not sure if this is what you're after: core(5): core dump file - Linux man page

    See "piping core dumps to a program"

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    Not sure if I read that properly but piping a core dump to a program seems like a vulnerability.

    If an intruder writes a program that simply crashes itself and then uses the pipe command to force the program into another program as a root user it could be used to inject something malicious.

    Then again I could just be looking at it completely wrong.

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