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    I can't change the console resolution, tried all common ways!

    I try to change the console resolution of my AMD Geode system currently but have since days no success. I checked of course the forum threads here first to find a solution, but had no success!

    I tried the following ways already:

    (To use the resolution of Grub)

    -> Didn't work


    -> Didn't work

    Afterwards I tried to change the related settings directly in the grub.d folder, without success.


    -> Displays that "vga... is deprecated", same with vga=ask. Also "nomodeset" doesn't works.

    Changing the resolution of Grub itself only works just fine!

    Is there any alternate possibility to change the resolution of the Linux console? The default resolution is really too low for a production system.

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    Follow jheaton5's post to the letter and it will work. Just substitute the resolution with the one you want (don't go for native res as it can often result in a blank screen).

    I usually use 1024x768 and it works fine e.g.


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    vga=773 works fine for me, but I think its because I'm using grub (not grub2) so I assume debian must be running grub2.

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    grub2 is as different to grub as LILO...

    In my opinion grub2 is overly complex and caters to those that want everything "automagically" configured instead of having to edit a simple config - to achieve this it introduces several more configuration files and numerous scripts - making easy and intuitive manual edits a thing of the past.

    It's why I went back to using LILO recently - great bootloader and with very little effort you can have graphical boot menu and decent console resolution, etc. (and yes you can still boot using UUIDs rather than device names)
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