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    Newbie .... Trying to add program's to a stripped down USB server

    Hi all

    Im pretty new to Linux although I keep trying .

    I have a bootable USB cf card that holds a piece of server software based on a Debian version of Linux.

    I am trying to install extra packages for a VPN client and wvdial. The cf card is a cut down version and most of the important commands I think I need have been stripped out such as 'make' and 'dpkg' etc. the system boots via a initial ramdisk but also program's loaded during boot that are per neatly on the cards partition.

    Is there anyway to either manually install the packages or alter the cf cards program's from a full distro.

    Thanks for any help

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    Debian packages are pretty easy to re-package or install manually. A .deb file is an archive of three files, typically. uncompress one using the ar utility like this:

    ar x foo.deb
    you should have 3 files:

    debian-binary: deb format version number
    control.tar.gz: all package meta-information
    data.tar.gz: the files that make up the application itself

    now you can untar the data.tar.gz tarball and examine it.

    to put the files on your USB/CF card, attach the CF card to your Linux machine via a USB/CF card reader (or some other way) and mount the filesystem, e.g.:

    mkdir /mnt/cfcard
    mount -t ext3 /dev/sdb1 /mnt/cfcard
    the partition may be different (sda1, etc.) and the filesystem may be different, too.

    once it is mounted, you can the copy files from you untarred data tarball to it.

    however, all that presupposes that the debian package you've uncompressed is the of the proper arch/lib for your USB CF Linux server. otherwise, the binary will fail to run. also, watch out for dynamically linked binaries that will want libraries, too - you'll need those.

    if you need to recompile packages from source for the server, you'll need to set up a cross-compiler sandbox.

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