Hey Guys,

Thought i would save my self any more banging of my head against the wall and ask for some advise regarding my little setup.

Ill have a quick run through my current setup of whats working and whats not.

I currently am running Debian 6.0.4 and have successfully installed SQUID and have tested it using FireFox (Its detected and loads websites which is good)

The goal of this Server is to have a VPN connected to a US VPN provider (i live in AUS) to enable 1 browser to have US access and 1 powers have AUS access (from my Windows 7 machine).

Currently with my current tests i can load up sites such as Steam and Origin and get the US versions (showing US prices and products) however it seems to revert back to my local AUS connection after some time.

However it seems that some sites (using NetFlix as as an example) seems to not detect it as being from a US VPN provider and gives me the generic "not available in your region" (Using VPN on the Windows 7 machine it does load NetFlix so the VPN allows it)

However my over all goal would be to somehow allow the Debian server to act as a DHCP server which will then funnel all the traffic out via the VPN connection (which in turn will allow me to switch easily between a US and AUS connection for my gaming machines)

So im hoping someone may be able to assist me or a better way to somehow make this Debian machine funnel all proxy traffic via a VPN connection and also somehow configure it to publish a DHCP server to allow PCs or devices to auto connect and use the VPN server.

Any help would be much appreciated,