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    Mousewheel speed

    hi everyone.
    I have a normal usb mouse of microsoft and the mouse scrolling speed (Vertical) is slow as hell, really annoying when scrolling is needed in pdfs/websites.
    is there a solution to this? in the mouse cpanel there's nothing related to scroll speed.
    thanks alot

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    I don't know about an explicit wheel-speed control that works system-wide, but I do know that on X11 systems, the wheel-up and wheel-down evens are treated simply as two more mouse buttons (buttons 4 and 5, usually.)

    In Emacs, I use some custom keystroke mapping in my .emacs file to let me configure the number of lines scrolled by the wheel:
    (setq my-wheel-scroll-lines 5)
    (defun my-wheel-down()
      "Wheel-down processing.  Scroll up by my-wheel-scroll-lines"
      (scroll-up my-wheel-scroll-lines))
    (defun my-wheel-up()
      "Wheel-up processing.  Scroll down by my-wheel-scroll-lines lines"
      (scroll-down my-wheel-scroll-lines))
    (global-set-key [mouse-4] 'my-wheel-up)
    (global-set-key [mouse-5] 'my-wheel-down)
    Perhaps this can help you somewhat, or at least give you a pointer for where to search next.

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