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    What do I need for IPv6?

    So, supposedly, IPv6 has launched, and ISPs are rolling it out. I understand the basic concept, but I'm not sure how to make it work in practice.

    I have a Debian server acting as my home router. eth0 gets an IP address from my ISP using DHCP. I use iptables to provide NAT. I also have a DHCP daemon serving up IP addresses to everything on my internal network, and have a DNS service that gives everything internal a name and serves up cached requests for external names. All of this is IPv4.

    Assuming my ISP starts giving me IPv6 addresses (I'm not sure how to check for that; ifconfig isn't listing one for eth0), what would be my steps for implementing it? Will I still be using NAT, or will I be generating (somehow) publicly-addressable IPv6 addresses? And how do I distribute those addresses? (Something I read said that bind configuration didn't support giving out a static IPv6 address based on a machine's MAC, which is something I do for many of my internal machines.) And, if they're public addresses, how would I ensure I distribute the correct ones, changing them in the event my ISP changes the address they give me?

    What about setting up a gateway so that internal devices that may not be IPv6-ready can still work? (Not sure how many might be affected; possibly my wireless routers, which are on their own subnet; possibly my kids' Nintendo DSes.)

    There's a lot I just don't know yet, but it seems like it's high time I learn....

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    I am a noobie at this , but (sorry cannot link it as a noobie) seems to be well written and comprehensive. I do know that your starting point has to be your own machines as even your regular computer must be IPv6 capable in order to gain access to those sites.

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