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    Apche2 Using Over 500 MB of RAM

    I have just installed Debain 6.0 minimal x64 and the overall RAM usage after an update with apt-get is at 32 MB. I then installed apache2 using apt-get and the RAM usage jumped to 522 MB.

    I eventually want to add PHP and MySQL to this server and use less than 75 MB so this single process using over 500 MB is not acceptable to me.

    Why is it using so much memory?

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    what is shown by the -/*-+ buffers/cache line when running
    free -m
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    Please try to find out how many Apache child process gets started and how many threads for each child process , You can get the info from the httpd.conf of Apache
    We need to find out what are the modules that are been used by Apache and Loaded

    The high memory usage does it come when Apache starts processing the traffic or by default it holds so much of memory


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