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    Does Synaptic changes the default distro by itself?

    I don't think I have had any problem with eventual/hypothetical packages from Sid yet (I don't think I even have them on my sources.list), I'm asking just for curiosity. I have the impression that Synaptic sometimes changes its own preferences in this aspect, changing always to "always prefer the newest version".

    But that may be just my impression, I could have changed it myself once or twice and forgot afterwards. During updates sometimes there will be requests for input regarding keeping or updating some settings, but I don't recall that happening with synaptic in pardicular.
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    Synaptic on its own won't change the distro. It will grab updates that you you assign though your debian sources.list repo list.

    Using sid as your repo tree gives one pro.... and one con
    PRO Up-to-date Near bleeding edge software
    CON Up-to-date Near bleeding edge software that might break your system.

    On the upside... using sid you'll never need a real distro upgrade. It'll happen on its' own.

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    My understanding is that you can have all three/four releases of Debian (and additional repositories) in your sources.list, but you can set up synaptic to prefer a specific release of choice, or always prefer the installed version, or yet, always prefer the newest version of any package, from whatever origin.

    I had the impression to have had it changed to "always prefer the newest version" at least twice, without my help. BUT I think it's actually more likely that I wanted something specific from unstable/somewhere else instead of testing for some reason, changed that, and just forgot to change it back. Perhaps because what I wanted was to fix something that wasn't working and I just got hurried to try something else, not package-related.

    I decided to ask because perhaps it could be some sort of questionable feature to have it making this decision, according with some criterion. Or even some bug...
    Openbox + tint2 desktop. Debian testing, liquorix kernel

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