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    Help needed with installing OpenSSL on Debian 6.0.5...

    Hi everyone,

    First of all I am a total newbie to Debian Linux and Linux in general. I picked up some minimum experience along the way using Debian and some other distros and that's it.
    I need to configure FreeRadius server on Debian 6.0.5. Following some tutorials I managed to successfully configure some small part of the configuration.

    1. I installed the Debian 6.0.5,

    2. I installed and updated gcc compilers and make,

    3. Freeradius 2.1.12 is also installed and tested using "radiusd -X" command. I receive correct output,

    4. Because the installed version of OpenSSL on Debian 6.0.5 is OpenSSL 0.9.8o (01. June 2010) I wanted to install newer version. Also, when I use the "Radiusd -X" command I receive these three or four messages concerning OpenSSL that it cannot authenticate (or something in that direction) with PEAP, and with TTLS because it cannon find OpenSSL package. But the package is there and preinstalled with Debian. That is the main reason I wanted to install newer version of OpenSSL which is 1.0.1c.

    I managed to install it from source using: ./config then make then make install procedure and everything went just fine without any errors or warnings. But, because I am new to Linux, I installed everything from the place where I downloaded the files (my "Downloads" folder). I unpacked Freeradius application and OpenSSL application there in separate folders and I installed these two applications from there. I suppose that is a mistake.

    It confuses me that when I check the version of OpenSSL with the command "openssl version" it states that the current version is 0.9.8o - the old one. I installed the new one but have no idea where it went and why it didn't updated the old version.

    So, my two questions would be:

    1. Where (in which location) should I install Freeradius and OpenSSL and how to do it?

    2. Why did the new version of OpenSSL not update the old one and how to correct that?

    Thank you all very much


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    Hello, first of all I recommend you to remove your old OpenSSL version.
    Then you should try to update your Debian repositories so you can install OpenSSL with apt-get and make things easier.

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