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    I tried enabling wheezy and updating the kernel as well as installing some of the xorg components. I noticed people seemed to do ok with wheezy. Hopefully it'll go good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kareempharmacist View Post
    since my posts are less than 15 ..I am not able to provide links
    the Intel Linux Graphics Open Source Driver supports your card but intel corporation doesn't support the card anymore so you have to download and compile the uptodate open source driver from
    I upgraded the xorg files and the kernel from wheezy and so far haven't had a freeze - but if it develops problems again I'd be interested in trying to compile the driver. Are there detailed instructions on how to do it?


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    Thought I'd summarize what I did since, so far, it seems to have solved the problem.

    After reinstalling squeeze from the install cd, I upgraded the kernel from wheezy. It's now 3.2.0-2-686-pae.

    Then I upgraded the xorg files from wheezy:

    apt-get install -t wheezy xorg xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg-input-synaptics xserver-xorg-video-intel libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-glx
    So far so good. I want to give it a few more days and if no more freezes I'd think to mark the thread as "solved".

    Thanks for the help.

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    @somae:i also faced the same problem my system used to hang frequently,browser crashes its really embarrasing but it is not the problem of drivers..jus uninstall the ADDONS in your ICEWEASEL or any browser and do not uniinstall OS (never give up) our friends said try to include contrib,non free repos to your etc/apt/sources.list
    as iam a new user unable to post repos....^^
    then issue this command:
    #apt-get update
    and try to reinstall synaptic which will help you alot,you can install XORG through one ofthese commands:
    apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-openchrome
    apt-get install xorg
    try to reconfigure your xorg server:
    #dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
    this is the solution only worked out for me to prevent my PC from not

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    [Solved] new install squeeze - computer keeps freezing

    I wanted to mark this as solved. Using the upgrades from wheezy, as I mentioned in my last post, seems to have fixed the problem.

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    I've gone ahead and done that for you. You can close your threads as solved by using the "Thread Tools" menu above the posts.
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