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    Questions about a framebuffer

    i have a old dell latitude d620 core2 at 1.6ghz with 1gb of ram and a 500gb hdd up untill now it has had ubuntu 11.04 on it, through my linux class at school it has made me more confidant to try a few new things.

    1st of wich is that iv decided to turn the old laptop into a fully cli computer with most of the functionality of a desktop pc probably using debian.
    2nd thing witch is the main question in the title frame buffer
    i have tried to find out about a framebuffer and how exactly is workes and how to use one but iv had trouble understanding about it and how to use it

    the first questions is how to install this in debian i have tried fbterm, jfbterm and xvfb and what workes better.

    the next thing is what is the differance between a framebuffer like fbterm and a virtual framebutter like xvfb

    thanks in advance

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    Xvfb - virtual framebuffer X server for X Version 11
    See "man xvfb"
    fbset - show and modify frame buffer device settings

    FbTerm is a fast terminal emulator for linux with frame buffer device or VESA video card. Features include:

    mostly as fast as terminal of linux kernel while accelerated scrolling is enabled
    select font with fontconfig and draw text with freetype2, same as Qt/Gtk+ based GUI apps
    dynamically create/destroy up to 10 windows initially running default shell
    record scroll-back history for every window
    auto-detect text encoding with current locale, support double width scripts like Chinese, Japanese etc
    switch between configurable additional text encodings with hot keys on the fly
    copy/past selected text between windows with mouse when gpm server is running
    change the orientation of screen display, a.k.a. screen rotation
    lightweight input method framework with client-server architecture
    background image for eye candy

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    most of that i knew the major issues i have now are how do i use them if possible id like to be able to start x as well. is there any drivers that are needed to be installed or something along those lines because i dont think i have done that then what are the commands to get something like w3m working in the frame buffer so pictures can be seen?

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