Hi, I cant log onto the backtrack forums so Ill need your help!
I am following this tutorial here: PS it would let me post urls ..... www (.) backtrack-linux (.) org/forums/showthread.php?t=40917

now when it is asking to download certain files, some of them are outdated. I have found the newer versions and have worked around for the of the errors. One of the things I am having trouble is (Then install cal++ by going into the cal++ directory and typing "cmake .) step. it returns an error that it cant find boost. I know i have boost installed, so i go into the text file/script that is running this command and giving me the error.

I know a little about programming, so i found the line which i believe is giving me the error:

FIND_PACKAGE( Boost 1.36.0 COMPONENTS date_time )

MESSAGE( FATAL_ERROR "Unable to find boost library" )

So it cannot find the boost package. inside the brackets its saying boost, version number, components is a file i think, and then date_time is the last file??

on my computer, this is how my boost file is placed:

now i think that is the date_time file that the program is trying to find when it says FIND_PACKAGE ???

i guess my question is what should i change in the brackets so it can find the date_time file on my computer, if that is what it is asking :P

sorry for the long message, would be using pictures if i knew how to post them, and would use the Backtrack forums if it would let me :P

EDIT: one of the steps before hand was telling me to do this
apt-get install libboost1.40-all-dev

now when i did that, i got a whole bunch of dependency errors. Ive tried to fix it but that didnt work. From what i understand, apt-get install libboost1.40-all-dev is the same as boost, its the C++ libraries, so i just manually got boost and installed it in my root.