When I run /qmHandle -Sfailure I get the following error. I have looked at line 137, which is this - "if (system($stopqmail) > 0) {", obviously this has to do with not being able to stop qmail, as indicated in the output below. My question is, whether deleting messages from the queue without stopping qmail is a bad thing, and second, if anyone knows how to fix the error in the code.

mail:/home/sysad# /qmHandle -Sfailure
Calling system script to terminate qmail...
Can't exec "/etc/init.d/qmail": No such file or directory at /qmHandle line 137 (#1)
(W exec) A system(), exec(), or piped open call could not execute the
named program for the indicated reason. Typical reasons include: the
permissions were wrong on the file, the file wasn't found in
$ENV{PATH}, the executable in question was compiled for another
architecture, or the #! line in a script points to an interpreter that
can't be run for similar reasons. (Or maybe your system doesn't support
#! at all.)

Looking for messages with Subject: failure
Deleting message: 2/168155
Deleting message: 6/167630
Deleting message: 7/169103
Deleting message: 18/168792
Deleting message: 22/168842
5 messages deleted
Qmail is already running again, so it won't be restarted.