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Thread: Online radio.

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    Online radio.


    I have a root server and I would Like to know what is the best server to create an Online Radio.

    But I need to know a few things, like how much RAM it uses for 50 listeners, And can we have more them one DJ at the same time like one Talking and an other with the music?

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    Do you own the server yourself or are you renting?

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    i rent for one year

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    If you rent it i would say be most concerned about bandwidth up and down , then cpu speed, then ram as a general guideline. I have never made a streaming audio site before per se but those are my general rules for a server. When you rent your server are you given a ssh link to it or do you have to modify anything you want and need via your landlords webpage. If you have direct access over your server via ssh i would find out exactly what you need to running to run say GNU Radio, an apache server or alternative, any utility programs. Then personally i would open up the exact ports i needed in iptables / ui program for iptables and lock down the rest, and start disabling any unused daemon your account allows you to stop. Then you can build your website and learn how to configure the radio program you use.

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    You might want to check out Shoutcast for Linux server software. It's from Nullsoft, the same folks who make WinAmp.

    We use it in broadcast radio to stream music, programs and other audio sources. The number of folks who can log in will be limited by your bandwidth. We stream sports and do not have the needed bandwidth for the number of listeners so we encode to a Shoutcast server host that has the needed bandwidth.

    The encoder and server are reasonable on resources to run. This "how to" is somewhat dated but still has good info on creating your own Shoutcast server.

    How To: Install SHOUTcast server on Linux - YouTube

    Once you get that up, Butt is a nice encoder with an intuitive front end. I know this sounds like a joke but really, Butt is good stuff.
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    Unlimited BanWith by the way I have more gaming servers thats why i need to know the ram and things like that.

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