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Thread: LMDE -> Wheezy

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    Question LMDE -> Wheezy

    On one of my regular machines i have been running Linux mind Debian Edition , and the only thing i knew was that i was running Debin mint, and did not pay particular attention to the version like I do with Fedora, Ubunto, and mandrive.

    Half asleep the other day the updates were giving me a bit of a problem with the repos.

    Updated? Fine.

    Before bothering to get coffee, i just changed the sources.list to what was suggested and all hell broke loose.

    specially after I did a dist-upgrade, as I figgered the breaking stuff going on around me was the result of a new fangled release.

    It seems, to make a long story short, that I have wound up in Wheezy/sid, and i just dont know what to do about it.

    Everything seems to work now, with a few minor peculiarities.

    Am I losing anything from mint? Wheezy seems aot flower in KDE, but havent had time to pare it down to size and get rid of most of the extra services.

    I usually install at a minumum, a quarter of the debian archives. Sometimes half.

    I havent full tested this out, so wondering if there are gonna be any unpleasant surprises....

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    I would just try it out and see if it comes up to your expectations, if not reinstall.
    Please take time to learn and understand the distro's that you try out, get the book(s) on the type of Gnu/linux that you might like and learn about the stuff.
    Somethings can be understood with all the distro's some can not.
    Do not rush into things, take your time, try it out, study as you go along.

    The best thing about learning is that you keep it in the end.
    Well that is how i think of the learning part anyway.

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    You didnt just "wind up" in wheezy/sid you changed your sources.list to testing or wheezy. wheezy is testing which is very stable but has occasional breakage. changing sources.list is not the usual way to fix updating issues. You are not losing anything from mint you are still using mint unless you changed your sources.list to debians sources which i have no idea what would happen then. Can you show me what your sources.list are?

  4. $spacer_open
  5. #4 debian main upstream import backport testing main contrib non-free testing/updates main contrib non-free
    debian.linuxmin.tcom/latest/multimedia testing main non-free stable non-free
    (wont let me post urls)


    But ....

    /etc/debian_version says : wheezy/sid

    lsb-release: DISTRIB_ID= LinuxMint
    lsb-release: DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION= "Linux Mint Debian Edition"
    lsb-release-software-center: DISTRIB_ID= LinuxMint
    lsb-release-software-center: DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Linux Mint Debian Edition"

    This machine is used mainly for browsing, and viewing multimedia.
    However in the near future I intend to incorporate it into a security system with Arduino controls as well as video streaming and VoIP.

    As I appear to have a Wheezy/Mint hybrid as a result of simply following instructions for fixing some errors at an update-
    the main question is:

    Do I make like a frog and jump to the full Wheezy Beta (and am I even there yet?)
    Or do I retain some advantages with LMDE? (If I am even running it?)

    Other than some annoyances like losing my original desktop icons, and being forced to use Synaptic to replace the apps it so generously deleted, like Gimp - I have no problems with the way things are now. Was mainly wondering if there would be unexpected surprises for an LMDE user, and what the real differences were with Wheezy.

    This is an older system with an ancient Nvidia card, and Canon printer drivers. No problems so far with those!

    Also: Something new...
    Occasionally when I go to install a package I get a dire warning about some bug that will do some dreadful thing, but right after it there will be a message usually that the bug has been fixed. But: Not apparently in the version it is installing!!!!

    Also, again - not being used to running Beta's (since alpha 0.96 kernel) - is there something I should load/enable to facilitate reporting bugs?

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    you are using mint sources so that is good. testing is wheezy so you are fine there. when using testing it always says wheezy/sid at least mine always has sid is experimental and its name never changes. wheezy will become the next stable release.

    Operating System : Debian GNU/Linux wheezy/sid

    when you say jump to full wheezy do you mean go to debian from mint? because you are already using lmde testing (wheezy). and in your sources.list debian.linuxmin.tcom/latest/multimedia testing main non-free
    you need to correct that so it says instead of linuxmin.tcom

    reportbug should be available through synaptic

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    Actually, that was just a typo when copying. The urls are correct in the sources.list.

    My confusion here is actually what I have.

    It would appear that it is some kind of combination between mint and wheezy.
    Given that now I am in 'test' mode and everything is being pulled apparently from the wheezy archives, the question is :
    Is pre-release wheezy the same as LMDE testing?

    And when wheezy IS released, with the current rolling updates, will I have LMDE or wheezy-and most important what is the real difference between the two.

    I have noticed that a couple of programs will give a warning note that 'module LinuxMint not found'.

    I burned a wheezy live-dvd and have noticed a few minor differences, in KDE at least.
    Nothing too major, and nothing from what i have seen so far worth a clean reinstall.

    Its my understanding that both LMDE and pure Debian are supposed to be rolling update releases - which i always understood to mean seamless updating into new versions. This 'update' took two days to get all the bugs out with uncounted update/upgrade/dist-upgrade cycles (started off with simple upgrade but it became unstable-and the first thing it lost was network connectivity.).

    The reason I chose LMDE was that it was not canonical and dist-upgrading ubuntu a while back was a journey into hades.
    And the option to choose desktops made it my favorite over Mandriva.

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    here is a good article about what lmde actually is. (im not allowed to post links yet)
    LMDE gets most of its packages from Debian’s testing repository so in theory you are using mints version of debian testing which IS wheezy. When wheezy goes stable you will continue using debian testing repos like your sources.list says. Yes both debian testing and lmde are rolling releases. I know nothing about ubuntu so i cant comment on the upgrade processes at all.

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    Take a look here ... you can run LMDE with various Debian repositories ... you can even mix and match see here You might also want to look at this to get a reasonable idea how updates can be handled ...

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    The darned forum timed me out on my last lenghty reply.

    So gotta keep it short.

    I have 4 more potential machines to add to linux.

    Do i use Wheezy Testing or LMDE Testing - and is there any particlar reasons why one might be better than the other?

    I dont mind a testing setup, and love the idea of Perl and other utils beign autoupdated, if that indeed happens.....

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    read the last link in my previous post then make up your own mind which is best for you ...

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