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    Solved -Confusion on Cloning Debian for installations

    I have been using reconditioned laptops to load Debian and hand out to people who need computers. I do four a year, free to a good home.

    I am not saying this for recognition. It has been easy in the past.

    Now what I wish to do is take a clean install of Debian 7 AMD 64 bit and create a thumb drive clone of this machine before I send it out the door. I have a couple of 32 gig thumbs.

    From this thumb drive I would like create a clone or replicate this hard drive with all the settings. I use HP Compaq nc6400 laptops. Always the same type of laptop.

    I can create ISO of all the partitions (No limitations in size.) But I will need to format the new hard drives and I am a bit confused as to exactly what the partition formats are for boot and swap. Is it ext 4? or something else. So I create the three partitions and open the ISOs in the proper partition. I should have a cloned hard drive.

    There are some decisions that Debian has made (they are not wrong, but I do not agree with them,) and for me to make the needed changes every time literally takes hours. Also it allows me to better customize the computer because of the saved time of cloning.

    Also, it will only have Debian and no other OS.

    Any ideas or help will be appriciated. Thanks for taking a look at this posting and helping. I will check for answers daily. Thanks again.
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    Hi and Welcome !

    For SWAP partition, filesystem is SWAP too and for boot partition, ext2 filesystem is default.
    There are some decisions that Debian has made (they are not wrong, but I do not agree with them,)
    Could you post a few here? It will help us to understand your problem a bit more.
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    I have found that Mate Desktop Environment is a better DE for what is being done here. There are concerns on the part of Debian with some libraries and redundency which are in the way for Debian to include Mate as a choice for istalling during installation. Also, I have found that Apache OpenOffice, once they got going after the transfer of OpenOffice to be a better choice then using LibreOffice. There are some other things that I prefer to do differently and I have everything configured on a clean install with nothing else in place.That's why I say that Debian wants to do some things their way. I want to do it my way. And since I buy only reconditioned nc6400 a clone should set pretty good without any issues.

    Thanks for the information on what the partition formats should be. I appreciate the quick response. Let's call this question solved

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    Try clonezilla.

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