Here is my setup:
2 wireless cards, 1 ethernet port.
linux distro is debian based

what I am trying or attempting to do:
create a wireless mesh backhual and allow client access via seperate wifi card. All nodes with the exception of the gateway will only have the wlan cards active. The gateway will have all three ports active. traffic needs to be bessed back and fourth on the nodes by way of the wifi cards. Traffic needs to be passed back and fourth on the wlan and ethernet ports on the gateway.

I am completely stuck at this point. I have the mesh working just fine. As soon as I attempt to create the bridge by adding the eth port alone, my ssh session pukes and i have to reboot the gateway. Ive tried, from a console, to do the bridge and as soon as I add or try to add actually, the wlan port, brctl pukes and tells me that the card is not capable of doing that.

This should be straight forward. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for your assistance,