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    yaboot problems, anyone know more details...

    Hi, I've had quite a time getting going here, now that I've solved two hardware problems and have gotten the system up on CD with the proper Debian installed on the HD. I have shelled out of the install script, so I'm still running on a ramdisk, and modified the yaboot.conf file. However when I try to run ybin on it, the complaints are varied.

    I believe what it wants is the target disk, which on install is '/target' and it wants the actual boot disk. I can use the tools and see that it wants '/dev/sda2' which is the boot partition. But it doesn't seem to like that since it complains it can't find the 'yaboot.conf' file, even though I've tried to give the actual path and the path including the filename.

    I get a warning (code and warning) of:

    code: ybin -b /dev/sda2 -C ./etc/yaboot.conf

    ybin /user/lib/yaboot/yaboot: No such file or directory
    ybin: /usr/lib/yaboot/ofboot: No such file or directory
    "ybin: Warning: 'nvsetenv' could not be found, nvram will not be updated"

    I've tried with the path of the yaboot.conf file as ./etc and ./etc/ and it makes no difference. I am in the /target directory which is like the root if I had booted off the drive. I don't boot of the HD because I lose the video without the modification of the yaboot.conf file and you have to run the ybin software to change the boot, as I understand it. When I managed to do this before by breaking out of the boot, I only entered the ybin command and it worked fine. So I am missing some items... Any Ideas? I will leave it booted for a while longer..Thanks for any help

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    With limited response to this message, I decided I'd just close it out since I've purged the equipment and built another i386 type machine.



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