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    Debian vs Ubuntu sudoers automation

    In Ubuntu, upon install of the operating system, the created account has sudo access. However, in Debian, sudoers have to be added manually.
    How can this be achieved if I have to remaster a debian system for personal use?

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    Adding a user to the sudo group in Debian is explained at this link:

    sudo - Debian Wiki

    Not sure what you intend with the remaster. Are you planning to use remastersys to create a remastered system?

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    I know how to add a user to the sudoers, I've done it plenty of times. What I am asking is how did Ubuntu have it where the created user account upon installation is added to the sudoers file? Because (correct me if I am wrong) Debian does not have the default user account added to sudo, you have to log into root and know how to mess with the sudoers.

    And yes I am using remastersys.

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    It's been a while but IIRC you get the sudo access for your first user by not specifying a root password. In such a case the user created at install time will have sudo access.

    [edit]I think the wiki is agreeing[/edit]
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