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    AssaultCube Crunchbang and Tarballs...

    Ok, so I am running Crunchbang (Debian 6 - GUI + Openbox?) and I have a question that I cannot find and answer to...

    I had previously downloaded assaultcube from synaptic, but that version had problems with the multiplayer, so, I got it off there website in a .tar.bz2 file.

    Anything you download from synaptic can be executed just by typing in its proper name in the terminal, Is it possible to do the same with something from a tarball? I sure there is a list somewhere in the file system that has all the programs you can execute.

    Crunchbang requires a little bit more effort than normal when you download something (even synaptic) you have to go into the Openbox GUI Menu Editor, which is cool since you have total control and everything...

    Anyway, any help at all will be appreciated.

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    Usually anything that comes in a tarball is source code, and source code can be compiled and installed to the system. The reason that you can just type a program name into the command line is because the shell searches for it in various locations defined by the PATH variable
    Neuromancer% echo $PATH
    When I type a program name in, the shell then goes off looking in these various locations and executes the first one it finds.

    I'm not sure whether your program is source code or not; if it is, then you'll need to compile and install it; if it's not, then they usually come with some sort of install script that's appropriately named.

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    I knew that most tarballs are source code, but I didn't know that it might not be...That makes sense because the AC tarball has in the folder. My attempts to run it from terminal have failed, although I can click on it and it runs...So if it has a shell script in it, its already compiled and "installed"?

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