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    Samba config questions

    So i have installed Turnkey: LAMP stack which is built for debian.
    I'm trying to share a www folder that is located path = var/www so i can map it in windows. I installed samba and I'm having some issues setting up the smb.conf.

    Currently the only user is root is it wise to use root or should i create another user?

    so far this is what i got:

    workgroup = workgroup 
    security = root
    browseable = yes
    readonly = no
    create mask = 0775
    directory mask = 0775
    path = /var/www
    comment = web
    ON WIN7:
    net use W: \\\web
    user: root
    pass: (password i have for root)

    what am i missing?

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    I cannot help you, but perhaps you can help me. I've come accros this situation. Thanks in advanced.

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    Take care when we use a LAMP so we have apache server so the user is www-data and the group is also www-data, so with the lamp you cant access to /var/www which has the previlege root, in this case add this user to the samba users or change the the previlege of the directory /var/www

    Best regards

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