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    [WIFI] Need help setting up my wifi with Debian Toshiba Satellite c660

    So i recently installed Debian(LXDE) on my Toshiba Satellite c660 but im struggling to get any sort of networking working. Iv googled around but i cant seem to get it going.

    I tried iwconfig...

    and it returns results saying

    eth0 etc. But no wlan0

    when i use


    it shows my wireless adapter, rtl8188ce (Realtek)

    If anyone can help me to sort this i would be very happy, thanks to anyone who helps.

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    Hello and Welcome!
    This page should get you going.
    If not, read through this post, and reply back here with all requested information.

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    Thanks very much, will read through these and let you know how im getting on.

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    MrPteo, there is also a 'wireless' section back where you found "Debian" so you might look there is you don't find what you are looking for.

    Also, look at the man pages for lspci as it shows options, like -knn for a more detailed lspci option.

    Since it's a PCI connection to your system, try

    lspci -knn
    Check dmsg (might be dmesg, change the code if I goofed!) to see if it has reported anything, something, like the following, get my drift?

    dmsg | grep wireless
    dmsg | grep rtl
    There is also an option for adding line numbers to the dmsg output, I believe, so if you find something there, you can find that area quicker.

    I know that Realtek is supposed to be supported as I have an Atheros 9380 that I cannot get to work with Debian and it's driver is the ath9k.ko which doesn't load and is not detected, but loading it via modprobe doesn't help.

    The ath9k.ko, I was advised is a driver, not firmware. Firmware is usually code that drives or configures the actual hardware itself, where a driver is the software that is called by the system or programs to talk to the device. Sometimes both are required.

    It appears the link that he gave you to the driver may work, as it's listed. Do you know how to load it? Check out modprobe and also modinfo to check for that module being loaded already. I believe it stated that this chipset is non-free firmware.

    There is also a script at the second post of the 'wireless' page that you can run and post the output. Don't forget to chmod so it will execute. After you chmod, you have to execute it via

    assuming it's in your default directory.

    I hope I did the code thing correctly, someone speak up if I did not!

    Good luck, if you figure it out, please post, as many are interested.

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