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    Multiple ip adresses connect to servers one same machine. how to?

    Hello all,

    I come here to ask you guys for advice about how i can host multiple game servers on one physical server using multiple external ip adresses that all connect to one server. So i can use the same game ports for all servers and i can let players connect to the server using the ip adres without putting a port behind it. I know i can also achieve a lot of this using SRV Records with domain. But this is better when i can get it like this.

    The system i use:
    6.0 "Squeeze" 64bit
    kernel: 3.2.13-grs (ovh)
    with ISPConfig 3.

    I did some research on how i can achieve this and found out i need to use VMWare or something similair. Because i got no experience using these things i don't know if i can set this up. or also what i should use. and were i can find information about it. Can i also use a part of my machine for the virtualisation? so maybe i can get a part for the webservers, mailserver and one game server (on same ip) and then multiple other game servers on other ip? is this possible?

    Thank you for reading and hopefully someone can advice me on this. I truly need some help of smart people! Thank you for reading!

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    First, you need multiple NIC's (network cards), each with its own static IP address. Next, your game servers need to listen on different ports. Other than that, there isn't much you should need to do. Virtual machines should not be needed unless you only have one NIC.
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    You don't strictly need additional NIC's to add multiple IP addresses, just add them using the 'ip' command:

    ip addr add <address> dev <interface>

    for example:

    ip addr add dev eth0
    ip addr add dev eth0

    To make permanent you can add the config data to the /etc/networking/interfaces file

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    With VirtualBox (a free virualazaion tool) you can configure each server to bridge off the host computers NIC so each virtual server will have its own IP address. Have done this to build lot of test systems and utility servers.

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