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Thread: Strange Issue

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    Strange Issue


    I am using Debian Squeeze xfce.

    A strange thing is happening. When I login the desktop background changes automatically to the defalt one from the one I have set & some the images of the icons disaapears.

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    Can you check ~/.xsession_errors ?? Or do a copy paste of the logs here?

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    Something somewhat similar happened to me, however, I was using Linux Mint MATE 14, but maybe it'll help. I had a background image on a flash drive which I plugged into my system, set the image as background and then ejected the flash drive. In Windows and Mac you would be all set. But in linux mint after I logged out later on, it changed to a black background. I then repeated the process, only to have the same thing happen. Then I put the pic directly on the OS drive, set it has the background, and left it there. Never had any issues since. I think the thing is the file has to be left on the drive otherwise it won't remember the image.

    So I would recommend putting the image files directly on the operating system drive and then set up the images you want and see if they disappear.

    I hope maybe this helps.

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    I have a vague memory of this being caused by XFCE not using the root window. Firstly make sure that the package xfdesktop is installed and running and reset your wallpaper.

    If it is and you are still not seeing your wallpaper, then you can use something like hsetroot to set the background of the root window.

    Also, and this may be extremely obvious. logging in as a different user will pick up the default.
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