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    problems with Bluez

    Hi, i got troubles installing Bluez.
    My machine run a Voyage MPD 7 (Debian) O.S.

    I run

    apt-get install bluez

    and the bluetooth package is been installed, at the end of installation i got a warning message
    [ ....] Starting bluetooth: bluetoothd rfcommCan't open RFCOMM control socket: Protocol not supported

    I need to solve FRCOMM problem because i had to install a Remuco-mpd srever on computer and the RFCOMM is needed otherwise the Remuco server doesen't install properly.

    Can you help me please?
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    Is the module loaded?

    sudo modprobe rfcomm
    there should also be related devices in /dev/, too, e.g.:

    ls -ld /dev/rf*

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    the command you post give the following rerults

    sudo modprobe rfcomm
    FATAL: Module rfcomm not found.
    ls -ld /dev/rf*
    crw-r--r-T 1 root 10, 59 Apr 30  2013 /dev/rfkill

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    spaxa. Sorry to hear ya got da blues man!

    This may be a stupid question but you do have bluetooth hardware on this box right?

    The error from modprobe suggests to me that the module rfcomm is not installed. Try apt-get install rfcomm and let us know what happens.

    Cheers - VP

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    yes i got the blues, as BB King say!

    Of course i got bluetooth hardware: a bluetooth usb dongle is plugged into a usb port of my desktop.

    Sorry, i am a really Linux newbie, i was thinking the rfcomm module was installed by default in every linux release.

    I will make the installation, as you suggest, and i wil be back with results.

    thank you

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    i try typing the command
    apt-get install rfcomm
    i got:

    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information... Done
    E: unable to locate package rfcomm

    any suggestion?

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    Before installing software it is necessary (at least once each session) to update the Debian apt package cache.

    You do that like this:
    sudo apt-get update
    Then you ought to be able to install the software using the command
    sudo apt-get install <your-application>
    , replacing
    with the package name of your application.

    Using commands, you can also locate available packages. Again, do this AFTER updating the apt cache:

    sudo apt-cache search <your-application>
    Brian Masinick
    masinick AT yahoo DOT com

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    hi masinick
    in my case what i need to do?

    i try to type
    sudo apt-cache search rfcomm
    and i got:

    Bluez-hcidump - Analyses Bluetooth HCI packets
    libnet-bluetooth-perl - Perl Bluetooth interface
    python-lightblue - cross-platformBluetooth API for Python

    and after this, what?
    or maybe i do something wrong?

    sorry really a newbie
    and wery confused

    can you be so kind to tell me exactly what command i need to type to get the RFCOMM package??

    thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaxa View Post
    the command you post give the following rerults

    sudo modprobe rfcomm
    FATAL: Module rfcomm not found.
    ls -ld /dev/rf*
    crw-r--r-T 1 root 10, 59 Apr 30  2013 /dev/rfkill
    The rfcomm module (the one specified by the "modprobe rfcomm" command) is a kernel module/driver, and thus usually is provided with the kernel. It is possible that rfcomm support was built into the kernel, versus as a module. The other possibility is that the kernel you are using was built with no RFCOMM support at all.

    It could be that Debian provides it in the bluez package itself though - not sure. you could try this:
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install bluez bluez-utils
    then retry loading the module.

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    in the meantime I found this page on the internet
    the user experience my same problem, and if I have misread says that the kernel does not have module RFCOMM but somehow has find a solution to bypass the problem.
    I checked on my pc the file /base/module/remuco/ that the author says he correct in the various "issues" Upgrades to bypass the problem: mine is updated properly (I installed a newer version than the one installed by the user who had that problem).
    But the problem remains even if the file is updated and correct.
    Could someone is so kind to take a look and tell me if you can figure out something more than me, because at this point I do not know which way to turn!
    Thank you!

    Meanwhile, I have also written to the forumer and I hope it will answer me.
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