I have installed Debian "Wheezy" (7.0) and want to make it my testing groud. At the moment for servers. I have paired nginx with Ruby on Rails but can't get it to work.

I have tried a few guides but they don't work. They where targeted towards lenny and squeeze. A lot of the packages spoken of in those guides are merged or not existing anymore which makes it even harder to install.

After a few guides including one with Passenger I wanted to give up.

I noticed a line in Nginxs configuration which stated "uncomment if you are running passenger" but after uncommenting and installing the ruby passenger package thats in Synaptic (ruby-passenger) it says it can not find the configuration for passenger. That after a new clean install.

locate did not find passenger-config and tried a few of the categories that appeared from "locate passenger" but nginx only got me "unknown directive passenger_root"

Any ideas?

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